PJ McIlvaine

PJ McIlvaine is the screenwriter of the critically acclaimed, Emmy nominated Showtime original family film MY HORRIBLE YEAR with Mimi Rogers, Karen Allen and Eric Stoltz. Also, an indie holiday THE TOWN THAT BANNED CHRISTMAS with Hunter Gomez and Carol Alt. More recently, her horror short BURIED ALIVE was featured in the award- winning horror anthology web series IN FEAR OF by up and coming filmmaker Scott Perry.

PJ is also a published writer/kid lit author/journalist/creative writer/blogger. She’s had numerous personal essays and articles published in The New York Times, Newsday, Movie Bytes, Screen Talk and other outlets.  She also blogs for You’ve Got Red On You, a film website.

PJ is represented by Mark Lawyer of Markerhouse Management for her screenplays, and by Jessica Sinsheimer of Sarah Jane Freymann Literary Agency  for her kid lit.

PJ lives in Eastern Long Island with her family. She would love a dragon for a pet, but settles for Sasha the Psycho Cat.  On her grandmother’s side, she’s a distant relative of French writer Simone de Beauvior; on her husband’s, Daniel Boone (yes, the one with the coonskin cap.) When not writing, PJ loves to bake and is convinced that in a former life, she was a great baker of Europe. Or a dragon rider. (The two are not incompatible.)



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