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When I was kid, I loved The Twilight Zone, Outer Limits, One Step Beyond and Star Trek.  My brother introduced me to Robert Heinlein and Stephen King. Thus began my life-long love and journey with all things strange and bizarre.

So what is speculative fiction? It’s what I call the weird and wonderful, the wacky and absurd, aliens in the cupboard, killer clowns, the fanciful and the fantastic.  Call it what you wil. Sci-fi, noir, horror, suspense, fantasy, world building—if it makes us think, gives us pause, has me curled up in a fetal position—all the better.

This site is for those tales, my own included, that have been long waiting for a home. If you’re tired of sending your precious babies into a cold blogosphere and hearing only crickets, this is the site for you.

If we’re going into the cold, dark oblivion, with only the stars to guide us, we might as well go together.

Submissions and questions: editortftosoo@gmail.com